Giant No-bake Frying Pan Cookie フライパンひとつで ややジャイアントなクッキー オーブンなしの簡単レシピ

Giant No-bake Frying Pan Cookie フライパンひとつで ややジャイアントなクッキー オーブンなしの簡単レシピ

フライパンに材料を次々入れ、混ぜ、そのまま焼く。フライパンひとつで できるクッキーです。好きなものを好きなところにデコれるのでデザインできるところもギフトに良きかな。

*レシピ*(16センチのフライパン 1個分)
1. 16センチのフライパンに溶かし無塩バター 45gに砂糖 35gを入れて混ぜる。
2.溶き卵 30gを入れ混ぜる。
3.薄力粉 85g、ココアパウダー 15g、ベーキングパウダー 2g、塩 ひとつまみを合わせてふるい入れる。
8.いったん火を止め、好きのものを好きなだけのせる。今回はくまのクッキーと まるいホワイトチョコレート、フリーズドライのイチゴをのせました。ナッツやマショマロもいいですよ。

Simply place the ingredients in a frying pan one after another, mixing them well, and then bake it as it is. This is a one-pan-cookie which can be prepared with a single frying pan! It is ideal as a gift since you can decorate it however you like.

*Recipe* (A 16cm pan makes 1 cookie)

1. In a 16cm frying pan, mix 35g of sugar in 45g of melted unsalted butter.
2. Add 30g of beaten egg and mix well.
3. Sieve together some 85g of soft wheat flour, 15g of cocoa powder, 2g of baking powder, and a pinch of salt.
4. Mix well.
5. Press the dough down against the frying pan and ensure that it is flat.
6. With a very low heat, cover the pan with a lid and bake it for 10 minutes.
7. Create a hole using a fork or something similar. Even if the dough is raised and it becomes uneven, don’t worry because it’s just the surface.
8. Stop the fire temporarily, and add any topping to your preference. This time, I’ve added some bear cookies, round white chocolates and some freeze-dried strawberry. Nuts and marshmallows will make great toppings too!
9. Once again, put it on a very low heat. If the cookie’s surface has not dried at this point, cover the pan with a lid and continue baking. If the surface has dried, you may proceed without a lid. Either way, go on and bake for another 10 minutes.
10. Once the baking is done, let it cool in the pan. Once it has cooled, gently remove it from the pan.
11. The finished product will have a moist texture that is somewhat similar to a scone. Thanks to its large size, you can be sure it’ll be a gift with an equally huge impact!