A Day in Our Life: What Happened to Martina’s Hand

A Day in Our Life: What Happened to Martina’s Hand

I really wanted to call this video “Did Martina Break Her Hand?” because, for most of the video, we weren’t sure, and we couldn’t find out, so we’re doing our best to get by with this uncertainty. And with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Martina’s always in pain, so how do we know if she actually broke her hand or not? This is a real conversation we have. To be honest, the doctor Martina saw was really rushed, and we still don’t know what to do about her hand.

So we’re showing you a bit more of our vulnerable side this week, but that’s in hopes of sharing something we learned about ourselves in this video, because if we’re just learning it now, maybe you might be learning it, too. Don’t close yourself off from others. Reach out to friends and family. You’ll not want to, but you’ll be surprised how much better you can feel.

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